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Teachers Pet: The Class Next Door (TP: TCND) is transitioning into The Class Next Door: EX (TCND: EX)

Since day one, I have been saying that " Eventually, I will be changing the game mechanics to make it a free-roam experience with repeatable events."

"Eventually" has arrived; TCND: EX is the sandbox version of my game.

It is not a new game with the same characters; you can consider it a new season with many game-play changes.

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The story:

TCND: EX takes off after the events in TP: TCND

The MC is summoned back to where the story started; he learns that he has been there before, but things didn't go well, and he has been brought back to try again.

But there is a catch; the MC doesn't remember most of what happened during TP: TCND.

He only knows that something is wrong with his ex-wife.

The MC cannot remember what happened or the people he met during his first try, but now he can jump between parallel timelines. He can remember what happens in each of the new timelines, but his feelings and mindset change every time he jumps.

He turns into the version of himself living the given timeline.

The game-play:

In TCND: EX players can follow multiple routes in a single game-play.

Business days start with going to work; the MC is a college teacher, there will be events playing during classes, recess, lunch-time, and after classes.

There are places you can visit to advance time; there will be events in other locations, the day ends with going to bed or switching routes.

Weekends have different dynamics; there are events only available during the weekends.

The active route dictates which events are available; route-specific events will only occur if players follow the given girl's route.

I should mention that TCND: EX has all the lewd content available in TP: TCND; you can find the fully unlocked gallery in "The Cloister of Dreams" (just look for the door with the bottle icon on top.)

Download the attached "How to play" file for more useful information!

TCND: EX changelog:

January 19 2022

TCND: EX version 0.2.2 changelog:

-Grammar corrections.

-GUI tweaks.

-Added a route switching animation.

-Added a sound effect for the route switching animation.

-Added a small event to present Melanie.

-Added a small event to enable Laura's route.

-Implemented a daily routine.

-Implemented a day-based class routine.

-Added an icon to represent the active route.

-Implemented a random chance to see route-related dreams (1 in 3 chance.)

-Added a repeatable event for Joan's route.

-Added a repeatable event for Tiffany's route.

-Implemented a buy items function.

January 1 2022

TCND: EX first official release, version 0.2.1 change-log:

-Made a profiles screen (You can reach it from the inventory, click on portraits once you are in the profiles screen.)

-Assigned personality traits and wrote a short backstory for each girl.

-Made a world-map and added functional icons for each main location.

-Completed a new free-roam location; The Junior College (academics area.)

-Made a corner store; some items will be required to access new events.

-Story progress starts with Tiffany then is Daria's turn and so on.

-Lewd dreams also start with Tiffany (New lewd scenes intro.)

-Main story-line progression.

-Lewd dream featuring Laura.

-Made many small adjustments to most known scenes.

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Install instructions:


TCNDEX-0.2.2-PC-Lnx.zip 1 GB
TCNDEX-0.2.2-MAC.zip 1 GB
TCNDEX-v-0-2-2.apk 1 GB
How to play.zip 16 MB

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