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The story starts with Mark, our main character, pondering about a silly mistake he just made. Mark is just returning home from studying abroad; he spent almost four years far away.

While he was far away, Mark kept in contact with his best friend, Alma; she is his childhood friend and probably much more.


But now, a silly mistake threatens to keep them apart; Mark must find a way to sort things out.

Mark and Alma can spend time together inside a Virtual Reality (VR) game called "The Void."


The Void is a game that promises an immersive MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) RPG (Role Playing Game) experience, but something feels off about it...

Help our heroes make it through the storm and help them prepare for the monstrous typhoon brewing on the horizon.

Wait, what!?

Important note:

VD:V does not, and it will not, feature NTR; in Selene's scene Mark saves her just before any sexual contact happened. Mark just met her and he doesn't have a relationship with her; at that point in the game, she has not been presented as a romance option; therefore, there is no NTR even if something sexual happened...

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Game description: 

Void Divers: Vortex (VD:V) will be an interactive visual novel that will attempt to emulate a VR MMO RPG; we will see events unfold in the VR game and in the heroes' real world.

VD:V is based on my first manga/comic but there are many changes around; even if you read my manga/comic you will find many new things in the game.

Mark and Alma are best friends, next door neighbors, and partners in crime; the game is a -sort of- prequel spinoff to my manga/comic.

Remember to...




Demo Version 0.5.1

Added two more episodes! Yeah, the whole game so far.

Keep in mind that this game is designed for PC/MAC, the Android version is a port, if you play it on smart phones you will find typical engine limitations. Android gameplay will be more enjoyable on a tablet.

Change logs:

February 1 2022

VD: V episode 5 Version 0.5.1 change log:

- Introducing a new character, Alma's dad.

- Added side images for the new character.

- Main story-line progression.

- Spicy scene featuring Alma.

- Alma's arc progress.

December 1 2021

VD: V episode 4 Version 0.4.1 change log:

- Implemented multiple combat animations.

- Added side images for Daria (TCND team.)

- Added a side image for unknown female characters.

- Implemented the option to sell items.

- Main story line progress.

- Selene's route progress.

- Alma's route progress.

- Lewd scene featuring Selene.

- Tweaked the stores window.

November 17 2021

Void Divers: Vortex episode 3 Version 0.3.3

- Fixed a targeting issue affecting Alma's healing skill.

October 22 2021

Void Divers: Vortex episode 3 Version 0.3.2

- Context fixes.

- Typo corrections.

- Grammar corrections.

- Fixed missing portraits.

- Fixed game-ending bugs affecting consumable items

- Added the option to buy 5 consumable items at a time.

- Implemented a free-roam area; the grasslands (get ready for some battles.)

- Added a text-button that lets players return to town (from the grasslands.)

- Added an icon for the grasslands (on the town map.)

- Added a random chance to get extra gold or materials after winning a battle.

- Reduced the undead dogs' base HP to 200 (they can be an annoying bunch.)

- Equalized the music volume (some song were too quiet.)

October 1 2021.

Void Divers: Vortex episode three Version 0.3.1

- Added side images for Marjory (she will be playing in the TCND team.)

- Lewd scene featuring Lily.

- Implemented my own tun based combat system.

- Included a story related battle.

- Added an icon to repeat the battle in sandbox mode (gold grind.)

- Main story-line progression.

August 1 2021.

Void Divers: Vortex episode two Version 0.2.1

- Made functional HP and MP bars (with numerical values on top.)

- Made a GUI to display character's portraits and health bars.

- Implemented a functional inventory system.

- Implemented an equipment system that affects characters stats.

- Built the foundation for a navigation system.

- Made stores where you can buy weapons, armor, and consumables.

- Included a lewd scene.

- Featured a couple of girls from my other game (guest characters.)

- Included new music.

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