VD: V [DEMO] just got a new episode!

Hey there, today I'm adding episode two to the demo version.

What is new in episode two?

I managed to complete a functional inventory system; I spent long hours hunting and fixing bugs.

I built stores; you can buy stuff. Selling items, crafting, managing summoned creatures, and repeatable quests are coming in future updates.

The next thing I want to do is a combat system; a turn-based RPG combat system with nice visuals.

Being honest, I burned my eyebrows coming up with solutions for stubborn glitches and bugs I found. It was a learning adventure for me!

In this update I will introduce a virtual world that will be the foundation for complex and entertaining adventures. I did as much as I could but the deadline hit me before I knew what was going on.

Sorry if I don't list all that I should, but I put an all-nighter and I'm tired as hell.

Let me try to list some of the features in VD:V episode 2:

Change log:

- Made functional hp and mp bars with (numerical values on top.)

- Made a GUI to display character's portraits and health bars.

- Implemented a functional inventory system.

- Implemented an equipment system that affects characters stats.

- Built the foundation for a navigation system.

- Made stores where you can buy weapons, armor, and consumables.

- Included a lewd scene.

- Featured a couple of girls from my other game (Guest characters.)

- Included new music.

Copyright Ninecrux 2021

(Yeah, I copyrighted my new game.)


VoidDiversVortex-0.2.1-pc.zip 540 MB
Sep 09, 2021
VoidDiversVortex-0.2.1-mac.zip 506 MB
Sep 09, 2021
VDVep2v0-2-1.apk 528 MB
Sep 09, 2021

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