A little update.

Hey there, let me give you a progress update; I have been very busy doing renders for VD:V.

I have a couple of scene series to worry about but I plan to finish them during the weekend.

There is an event that it's giving me a hard time; I have to put some thought into it...
it's supposed to have action, be emotive, be fulfilling, and I have to mix some lewdness into it...

Next week will be all about coding; it will be time to build and stitch together the stores, inventory system, combat system, rewards after battle, and more.

Another big thing is the graphic design, the visuals for the combat system, GUI adjustments, and finding the right music...

All the coding will be particularly challenging; I'm not copy-pasting code, I'm building my own stuff.

Well, enjoy your weekend and stay safe!

Here are some new NPCs; a Guild Master and his daughter.

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