Void Divers: Vortex - Update!

It's time for a VD: V update; I was thinking about the combat system and decided to add stamina for skill based abilities.

Ok, adding stamina... that means a new value to display on the stats screen.

Some gear should improve or add stamina... that means editing all the gear stats, even if they don't add stamina the value

must be listed in the item class, and also editing the descriptions for the inventory and shops.

Some consumable should recover stamina... that means editing all the consumable item classes to add stamina, even if they don't

recover stamina the value must be listed, and then editing their store description.
I also need a function to recover stamina with consumable items, just like the one that let potions recover HP and MP.

Once I'm done adding stamina, I can start brainstorm a combat system and skills that would consume HP, MP, and stamina.

I finished adding stamina to the character stats, consumable items, and gear.

I'm also adding an idle animation to the inventory/stats screen, that is about 90% done.

Here are a few images displaying the new stamina stat; I also added text to game GUI, so

players know what bar is what (not sure about that text though.)

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