VD:V Episode 2 is out!

Void Divers: Vortex

Episode 2 is ready!

Hey there, on August the 1st I released VD:V episode 2 for $10.00 subscribers and up.

In episode two I implemented many RPG features...

HP and MP bars that show you the actual health and mana values; the health bars also have numerical values like you would expect to see in most RPG games.

I also adjusted and improved the inventory system functionality.

I built stores where you can buy armor, weapons, potions, and other healing items.

I also built the foundation for an exploration system.

I also bought rights to use new music; I use royalty free music and sound effects. I'm adding music that I bought the right for.

In episode 2 you will see a few guest characters from my other game.

And many new custom characters.

And more to come.

The next thing I want to make is a combat system; think of combat screens like in amazing old-school RPG games; combat system like in Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, and Breath of Fire.

This is an 18+ game and it will have adult content; episode 2 features some 18+ situations.

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Take care and be safe!

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