Void Divers: Vortex [Demo] -New episode!-

Hey there, today I'm updating my Void Divers: Vortex (VD:V) Demo with a new episode.

Episode three is now part of the demo; in episode three I'm implementing a combat system I made from scratch.

I have been working on bug fixes and more features; check the change logs to see everything that has been fixed and added.

Currently, I'm working on VD:V episode four; in episode four I will be adding combat animations and some special effects.

The updated VD:V demo includes a new lewd scene featuring Lily; she is giving you a nice reward!

Old saves will not work; I added a ton of new code and variables that old saves don't have. Make sure to start a new game!


VDV-ep3-v0.3.3-pc.zip 747 MB
Nov 17, 2021
VDV-ep3-v0.3.3-mac.zip 712 MB
Nov 17, 2021
VDV-ep3-v0.3.3.apk 736 MB
Nov 17, 2021

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