Void Divers: Vortex episode 3!

Hey there, today I'm releasing VD: V episode 3 for tier 3 subscribers and up!

In this episode I'm implementing my own turn based combat system, like I mentioned before, I spent long hours building up a combat system.

My combat system is in its early stages; I plan to expand and improve its features.

Future updates will bring more animations, more status effects, special attacks, and a lot more!

Is worth mentioning that coding the combat system was brutally challenging... I'm not a coder!

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Well here is the log.

October 1 2021.

Void Divers: Vortex episode 3 change log:

- Added side images for Marjory (guest character.)

- Lewd scene featuring Lily.

- Implemented a custom made turn-based combat system.

- Added tool-tips for special skills.

- Included a story related battle.

- Added an image button that lets players repeat the story combat all they want (gold grind.)

- Added a new song for the combat sequence.

- Main story-line progression.

Here are some screenshots:


Targeting enemies:

Targeting heroes:

The undead dog icon that lets player challenge the undead dogs over and over (gold grind.)

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