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You take the role of a teacher who is moving into a new city, his daughter is coming along with him, the reasons why they decided to move away to start a new life are ambiguous at first; but as the story unfolds you will understand why they have decided to rebuild their lives.

This game is a slow burn, don't expect to find tons of lewd content, this game will get a fair amount of NSFW content once finished. Meanwhile get ready for some reading.

This is a work in progress (WIP), many things will change during the development process; currently the game can be described as a kinetic novel with decision prompts. There are choices that you can make to change how the story unfolds. Eventually I will be changing the game mechanics to make it a free-roam experience with repeatable events.

This game is not a harem and you get to choose a single romance option, also it doesn't have extreme content, nor non-consensual content, and such things will not be added. This game is about deep connections between characters, romance, redemption, and traditional relationships. All  with a lewd touch.

I will be releasing content for my subscribers on a monthly basis, the first day of every month.

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A new save is required, this new version includes many changes to the code; make sure to start a new game.

Episode twenty two is now out for everyone!

Yes, the free version just got fourteen more episodes!

(Last free version update was up to episode eight.)

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TPTCNDep22-v-0-25-1-pc.zip 1 GB
TPTCNDep22-v-0-25-1-mac.zip 1 GB
TCNDep22-v-0-25-1.apk 1 GB
Void Divers 1 to 8.zip 90 MB
Void Divers Vol 9.zip 13 MB
Void Divers Vol 10.zip 14 MB
Void Divers Vol 11.zip 13 MB
Void Divers Vol 12.zip 16 MB
Void Divers Vol 13.zip 9 MB
Void Divers Vol 14.zip 11 MB

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