Upcoming Update!

Hey there, I want to let you know about the framework I came up with for the upcoming update.

The VD:V demo ends when our heroes are about to enter the starter town. That means the first thing I should do is to build up a starter town scene... yeah, kind of obvious.

Mark, Alma, and Sally will be having a look around in town; they want to check the Inn, shops, and crafting stations; I need to make scenes for each location.

Each location needs NPCs; named NPCs that will be there to stay, like store owners and quests givers.

Building those scenes takes max priority; they will be the base location for most of the new renders.

So, first I should build the town, then link store fronts to inside locations (shops, Inn, etc.)

It doesn't sound like much but building a big town can be very difficult! I have to think about clutter, NPCs, time needed to render scenes, file size, and I have to make sure I can take different angles with the camera... between other things.

I will also be adding sound effects, like coin sounds when you buy something, bottle sounds when you use a potion, attack swings, magic sounds, and more. I actually bought an RPG sound collection to add some nice effects to my game.

The following images show my progress building up the starter town. I want to finish the starter town today... I should finish today... I must finish It today! xV

I have been working on the inventory screen; I managed to code stack-able items, equip-able items, and I was able to come up with the proper logic for consumable items. The inventory layout and graphic design is a W.I.P. here is what I have so far:

Next update is coming on August 2021!


VoidDiversVortex-0.1.2-pc.zip 218 MB
Jun 15, 2021
VoidDiversVortex-0.1.2-mac.zip 183 MB
Jun 15, 2021
VDV-0-1-2.apk 205 MB
Jun 15, 2021

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