Progress update!

After LONG hours decoding how to make an inventory work on Ren'Py

I managed to complete a functional inventory for VD:V.

It's kind of funny and frustrating at the same time;
there are many functions we take for granted with inventory systems in games

but the logic and coding involved to make those functions work can be very difficult.

In the inventory I made; items can stack and display it's count on the upper right corner,

but only when there is more than one item of the same type,

if there is only one item then the count is not shown.
Using consumable items decrease the total count and only when the last item is used

the item is removed from the inventory...
the coding required to create that function was particularly difficult.

The code needed to create stores is tied with the specific item count in the inventory

and if the specific item exist in the inventory or not.

I also had to worry about turning item images into imagebuttons,

but just in specific cases, I also had a hard time enabling and disabling

specific options based on which character was selecting a given item.

I added sound effects to equip, unequip, use, and discard;
I also added a click sound to the choice menu options...
well, there are a couple of things I want to add here and there but my inventory system is, pretty much, complete.

The following images show the inventory (version 1.0)

and our heroes about to meet a mysterious character, an information broker!

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